You Think Trump Isn’t Eyeing a Dictatorship?

Think Again.

I’ve mentioned before that the daily onslaught of ridiculous, gob-smacking, and terrifying Trump pronouncements makes is nearly impossible to pick just one to write about. Today, the headlines stopped me in my tracks. If I don’t write anything else, this is the one I need to shout from the rooftops.

It’s not like the President hasn’t said in the past that he’d be “willing” to be President for Life. He has. More than once. If you’ve read any of the most recent books by family, ex-administration staff, and others, you’ll know that our President has no sense of humor. He never jokes. He tells lies. Whoppers. On an hourly basis. He’s also not adverse to telling total fabrications about someone, as Mary Trump has related, even when the person is standing right there. He enjoys the person’s discomfiture. And if their reputation is ruined by it, all the better.

This though. This made my stomach clench when I read it. Trump’s biggest supporter and Nazi in plain sight, Roger Stone, has told the far right wing rags he likes to support that Trump should just declare martial law on November 3rd, collect the ballots, and do the count himself. Just to make sure everything is counted correctly, of course.

Stone went so far to suggest to the President that he just go ahead and arrest anyone who doesn’t support him. Would there be a summary execution, or would he go ahead and have a kangaroo trial first? Stone didn’t say, at least in this article.

I don’t know about you but declaring martial law to control the population on election day and after makes my blood run cold. Trump’s often said he admires Putin. He really likes that the dictator for life of Russia has turned the entire country into a money-making machine for himself. Trump has been making efforts to do the same thing here in the U.S. He hasn’t had a free rein, at least yet. He has said that the Constitution is getting in his way, see my article, It’s Not Convenient to Follow the Constitution. According to Stone, Trump should just trample all over it and do whatever the hell he wants. The President is a traitor, a lying con man, a grifter, and more. He, his friends, his administration, and the GOP are out to destroy this country.

I’m just an old military woman, but if Stone and Trump don’t make your blood boil, you just aren’t paying attention. What can you do? Make sure you vote on November 3rd for Biden. Write your Congress people and Senators to get their asses in gear and do something about this completely out of control President. Write your Governor and if necessary, get the National Guard out to protect polling places. Write your State Attorney General, who is the one who runs your state’s elections, and make sure that the ballots are counted as the state procedures out line them. Volunteer to be poll watchers, ballot-counting place watchers, and do what you can in your own community to make sure this is a fair and just election.

The only way a thug can take over a country is if its’ citizens stand by and watch it happen. Every single person counts. Do your part.

Retired military, old as dirt, tired of all the crap. This is me, speaking up about it.

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