Trump’s War on The Rule of Law

Not a Good Look for the United States

If anyone can stomach watching the news any longer, you may have seen several Trump actions that make you’re stomach roll. Things like sending in mystery troops to quell demonstrators in Portland, Oregon, holding immigrant children for months on end in border patrol cages, his use of force to clear Lafayette Park of peaceful demonstrators, the pardoning of convicted war criminal Eddie Gallagher (amongst others), and so on. Ad nauseum, I might add.

His latest, well, at least the one I’m featuring here, is from his executive order to “…impose economic and U.S. travel sanctions on any foreign person ‘directly engaged in any effort by the International Criminal Court based in the Hague, to investigate, arrest, detain, or prosecute’ personnel of the U.S. or our allies without prior consent of their respective governments.” You can read the article here:

Since the war crimes trial at Nuremberg, Germany after WWII, the United States has been a world leader in the protection of all peoples who have been victims of atrocities. Now, the White House administration is against the ICC. Why is that? It’s probably because under Trump, the United States is now a perpetrator of one or more of the four crimes the ICC investigates. Those would be: genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity, and the crime of aggression.

If I were Trump and his lick-spittle lackeys, I’d be worried too. The things done during this administration’s tenure certainly border on those four named crimes, if they don’t actually cross the line. If we were still a nation of laws, our own courts would take care of this, or actually, would never have let these things happen. Now though, law has taken a back seat to the President’s run for a second term in the White House. As a failed businessman and obviously uneducated buffoon, I hold the U.S. Attorney’s General to blame along with the President. They’re supposed to hold the President accountable for running good government.

Not this group. William Barr is by far the worst of the lot that the President has cycled in and out of the office.

What to do? I don’t know. Write letters and emails to your elected representatives holding them to task? Vote the bastards out of office? Demonstrate outside of the Justice Department? All of them? None of them? I don’t know. All I do know is that I’m afraid for our Republic. What do you think should be done?

Retired military, old as dirt, tired of all the crap. This is me, speaking up about it.

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