He’s Not Worth It

Trump: A Criminal Name

Thoughts about what I want to say in this post have been swirling around in my head for weeks. It’s not enough for me to say, “I don’t like Trump.” If you’ve read any of my previous posts, that’s pretty evident. I need to express, I think, the why of it. Why do I think this barely human, wanna-be dictator, is such a poisoned-pill and deserving to be both impeached and convicted?

First. He learned at his father’s knee. The father was a criminal. He taught his son to be a criminal. I want to say also that he’s stupid, but he’s not. He’s extremely focused on what is important to him, greed, and not at all interested in any other thing. Making money and gaining status are his only lode stars and this makes him dangerous, all by themselves.

Like his father taught him, so has “The Donald”, taught his children. Ivanka, at least, has married into a very similar family. I suspect she feels right at home. They’re all grifters and scam artists. They pay for nothing they receive, even though, it seems to me, it would be cheaper to pay the damn contractors what they’re owed for work they’ve honestly done for the family than to pay a phalanx of lawyers to fight it in court. Instead, they cheat others of their time and labor and expenses and laugh all the way to bankruptcy court. Proud of themselves for cheating yet another poor independent contractor just trying to earn an honest living. I suppose that’s the thing, isn’t it? The Trump family and their ilk have never done an honest thing in their lives.

Trump himself has bragged about how he sent another person in to take his college exams. And no respecter of authority, has bragged about how he punched a teacher he didn’t like in the eye. This is who we’ve set up as an example to our children as a role model? He hires undocumented workers for his golf clubs. He cheats on his taxes. He trades in money laundering, shady business deals, and ruining other people’s reputations, often without cause. Just because it’s fun.

Then there’s the financial side of it. Banking is a big game to him and he never plays by the rules. He claims Billionaire status but he’s broke. He borrows millions of dollars from Deutsche Bank, never pays the loans back, and goes back for more. And they give it to him. Have you ever tried that with your loans? Of course not. The loan officer would stare at you open mouthed, eyebrows raised, then have you escorted out of the building.

He treats with dictators as though they’re the “very best” people. There has been more than one criminal activity between Trump and Putin. He’s managed to push all of his dirty laundry from 2016 under the rug for now but soon. Soon! All of that dirty business is going to come out into the light of day. Talk about rigging the election!

Then let’s talk about the broken laws. As far as I can tell, and it’s just from reading the newspapers and magazines, he and his criminal family have broken a law a week since 2016. Most president’s maybe have one or two scandals in a term. Not Trump. He’s an overachiever. I guess he’s using a fire hose technique. One scandal gives people too much time to think about it. If you destroy a law a week, who can keep up? He doesn’t just chafe at regular laws either. He destroys Constitutional ones as well. He’s actually been quoted as saying the Constitution just gets in his way. He’s taken gifts from foreign governments, used the government to fund his private businesses, hasn’t divested himself of those businesses, has taken cronyism to its’ highest levels, and filled White House staff positions with his own children and in-laws. Can we all say nepotism? All of them take expensive trips on taxpayer money while taking care of Trump business, not U.S. government business.

Busy with his own company, he’s had no time to work on protecting American citizens from a pandemic. It’s nothing he said in February 2020. It’ll be gone by Easter, he said in March. As soon as the weather gets warm, he said in April. By then, a full-blown disaster was hitting New York City and California. He put together a task force supposedly headed by VP Pence but actually run by one of his own. They were supposed to be getting PPE to the medical people. None ever showed up. They were supposed to be ramping up production of PPE. Again, who knows where all of that went? Finally, by August, no one in the Administration was talking about the ever-rising death tolls except Dr. Anthony Fauci. As of this writing, we’re closing in on 400,000 dead American citizens from Coronavirus. Most of which, if the President had done his job, could have been avoided.

Trump isn’t shy either, about hurling insults. If you’re female, disabled, a person of color, you’re fair game. “Grab ’em by the pussy,” is his quote. If you’re from the KKK or the Proud Boys, well then, you’re very fine people. No one who is endorsed by the KKK is going to be good for the entire country. And yes. Trump was endorsed by the KKK.

He’s always spewed hate speech. But this last year he began attacking the very foundation of our republic. Early in 2020 he began laying the groundwork for his loss. Did he know he was going to lose? I have no idea. Especially since I’m still flabbergasted that he won in 2016. However, just to be sure, he began saying that the only way he would lose in 2020, was if the election was rigged. He said it over and over through the months. If I lose, the election was rigged by the Democrats. Well, he did lose, and the only election rigging that can be found was by Republicans trying to stop Democratic voters from voting. Voter suppression. In this day and age, it’s a scandal of Everest sized proportions. Voter intimidation, Voter rolls being purged, limiting access to polling places by eliminating polling locations in heavily Democratic precincts, that’s all election fraud on a major scale. Still, however, Joe Biden won the election.

In a rage, Trump has whined and complained and sicced his lame attorneys on the individual states electoral and judicial systems trying to disenfranchise millions of voters. All suits but one, allowing party observers to get closer to the poll workers, were dismissed, with scorn and derision. Then in a day more infamous now than December 7th, 1942, President Trump, after weeks of enflaming his radical right cultist base, (those same Proud Boys and KKK and white supremacist low lifes I talked about earlier) on January 6th, 2021, the President at a rally that morning in Washington D.C., threw the half-mad crowd at Congress. This is where VP Pence, in his role as Chair, was leading a joint session of Congress in the mundane and regular counting of the Electoral Ballots.

The crowd joined the already large gather of protesters and proceeded to attack the Congressional building. They overran congressional security and began rampaging, destroying, and looting the building. Cries were heard from the crowd searching for VP Pence, Speaker of the House Pelosi, and Democratic leader Senator Schumer, asking where they were, and they needed to be hung. The hangings supposedly to be at the makeshift gallows already set up on the lawn of the Congressional building. All of this unfolded on live tv, to the nation and the world. Does this sound like the activities of the most Democratic country in the world or more like the enraged private army of a third-world banana republic? Many of us are still deeply shaken by these turns of events.

For my part, the impeachment that took place in January/February of 2020 should have led to Trump’s conviction and expulsion from office. Instead, for whatever reason the GOP maintained hardline support, they did not convict. As a result, we had a global pandemic ravage the country and the worst poor loser reaction of any election cycle, ever. I hope, someday, historians will reveal why the Republican Party backed this madman.

In the meantime, the entire Trump family are just grifters and con men. They’ve been leading what’s called Trump’s base, on a merry chase of a long-con, while they fill their pockets with taxpayer dollars. Even now, this radical right mob of Trump cultists are planning on more terror and destruction in the days leading up to and including the inauguration of President Biden and Vice President Harris.

The President has been asked to resign, and he’s made it clear that will not happen. The House Speaker has asked VP Pence to enact the 25th amendment against Trump. He’s made it fairly clear he won’t. That leaves our only recourse for punishing the President for his sedition is another impeachment. That can be done in the time remaining in Trump’s reign of terror. What cannot be expected to be done, is the Senate’s handling of the impeachment. The earliest it will be picked up by current leader of the Senate, Mitch McConnell, is the 19th of January. The day before Biden’s inauguration. I have been hearing, though, that once the inauguration has been completed, the Senate can take up the impeachment and continue, even though ex-President Trump is no longer in office. Several large penalties can accrue through a conviction. The biggest one is forbidding the man to ever take elected office again. I hope it will work out.

Will our country get over this? I hope so. It’s going to take a long time, though.

Retired military, old as dirt, tired of all the crap. This is me, speaking up about it.

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