A Full List of Trump Horrors

Do You Still Want to Vote for Him?

I copied a list of President Trump’s thuggery from McSweeney’s internet site in July 2020. As you read through it, it’s just mind-boggling. Even before he began his run for the American presidency, he was a complete tool on Twitter and elsewhere.

From the Obama birther conspiracy to groping young women at his Miss America pageants, he revealed himself long before his candidacy announcement. Perhaps people thought that since Reagan was a good president, at least for the top 1% of the country, Trump would also be a good president. After all, they’d both been TV stars, right? I mean, what better background for leading the most powerful nation in the world than that?

What I kept trying to point out though, were his multiple bankruptcies. That wasn’t a sign of a good businessman to my way of thinking. Then there were the stories about how he regularly stiffed his contractors, putting many of them out of business. Again, not a symbol of good business acumen as far as I thought.

With any sort of search on Trump, a voter could find numerous lawsuits filed against the Trump companies for fraud, for racial bias against renting to people of color, for sexual harassment or outright assault. That wasn’t the kind of person I wanted with the nuclear codes in his hands.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t convince even my own family members, let alone anyone else. They loved this orange clown. He’ll be fine, they kept saying. He’s just pulling our leg, making fun of the Dems. All I could do was shake my head and vote my conscience. Even on election night when I went to bed, I couldn’t believe people would elect this completely unsuitable buffoon as President. Imagine my horror when I got up in the morning and this racist, misogynistic, tax-cheat, was the new President of the United States.

The last four years have proven that the man is even worse than I thought. The list McSweeneys’ has generated is a litany of racism, cruelty, traitorous behavior, and grift, that has never been seen in American government, ever. He has regularly broken the Constitution. He is no believer in the law. His ability to lie, even on video, then say later that he never said that is the largest gas-lighting demonstration on the entire planet. He’s destroyed the laws meant to keep our air, water, and land clean. He’s destroyed decades worth of good will with our global partners. He cozy’s up to dictators and insults our allies. He has turned our country into a banana republic and stuffed his pockets with our hard-earned tax dollars. He has gutted our government and put people as unsuitable to their appointed secretarial positions as he is to his position so those institutions can be destroyed from the inside. Every one of those appointments are loyal to him, not the American people.

So here’s the list. Read through it. Remember it on November 3rd. https://www.mcsweeneys.net/articles/the-complete-listing-so-far-atrocities-1-796

Retired military, old as dirt, tired of all the crap. This is me, speaking up about it.

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